Getting to Palamadai       (Updated 15th October, 2009)
Where is Palamadai?
Palamadai is located 6 km east of Thalayuthu, also known as Sankar Nagar (due to the large Sankar Cements factory there). Thalayuthu is around 8 km north of Tirunelveli town, on the Tirunelveli -- Madurai National Highway. There are two parts to the village, separated by around 3 km of paddy fields -- Palamadai Agraharam and Keezh Palamadai. The Agraharam is the place where the Temple and Sankara Mutt are located.Saint Neelakanta Dikshitar's Adhishtanamis inside the temple compound.
Getting there
By Air -- Fly to Madurai airport and drive down along the Madurai-Tirunelveli National Highway (NH7) upto Thalayuthu, from where you must turn left to get to the village.
By Train -- Catch a train to Tirunelveli (from Chennai, Madurai or Bangalore), and if it stops at Thalayuthu get off there, otherwise go to Tirunelveli and drive back to the village. From Thalayuthu, you can hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to get to Palamadai.
By Bus -- There are buses every few minutes from Madurai to Tirunelveli, and almost all of them will stop at Thalayuthu. From Thalayuthu, you can hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw. Normal auto fare Rs 50/- from Talayuthu or Rs 100/- from Tirunelveli Junction. Auto and Taxi fares are about Rs.100 and Rs.200 respectively.
See the map for reference. (Follow link to Talayuthu at Para 1 for a detailed map.)